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Metaverse Dream - Hardcover

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In 1978, MIT developed a system that enabled users to experience a virtual tour of Aspen, Colorado. Today, travel is no longer restricted to a physical, pre-existing destination. With the Metaverse, the possibilities are endless as new worlds are created every day. The Metaverse represents the future of travel, and while the medium is expanding and improving, this title offers a unique immersion into this groundbreaking frontier through a curation of visuals related to and inspired by the Metaverse, ranging from fashion to architecture, from hardware to conceptual design—a glimpse of what is to come.

To coincide with the launch of this new Travel volume, Assouline is delighted to announce an exclusive pop-up boutique in the Metaverse, opening in February 2023 and accessible through the year. As a unique feature to this book, readers will be able to scan a QR code located on the colorful cover and be directed to the Assouline storefront in Decentraland. The experience will be reflective of an in-person Assouline store with key elements including the brands signature red walls, grandiose bookstands and specialty objects. Visitors will be able to discover Assouline’s titles and will be forwarded to the Assouline website for purchase if interested. Within this space, guests will also have the opportunity to be redirected to FastEx Verse and have access to an exclusive bonus experience. Designed as a Metaverse Museum, this virtual encounter will display educational content, artwork from the book as well as additional Metaverse imagery. Assouline is delighted to share this unique interaction with customers worldwide.

Metaverse Dream - Hardcover
Metaverse Dream - Hardcover Sale price479.00 NIS