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Orilla Side Table

Sale price4,900.00 NIS

Made in order (10-14 weeks)

The Orilla side table offers a pared back and refined design whilst embracing the organic stone aesthetic that we love. The polished tiled surface, paired with the rough textured edge design allows this pieces to work seamlessly into any space.  


    These designs were originally produced more than 30 years ago by the very artisans that make our pieces today. It is through our exclusive partnership that we have reignited this traditional craft. 


      A celebration of organic beauty and imperfection. Our pieces are produced in small batches embracing the handcrafted journey. Each piece embodies dips, variations, irregularities and imperfections, this is what we love most. We are intentionally celebrating the uniqueness of this beautiful traditional craft. Uniquely handcrafted using a natural stone tile inlay method of traditional furniture making. Please read the product details carefully prior to purchasing. 


      • Length 600mm
      • Width 600mm
      • Height 500mm
      • Approx. 30kg

      Per Leg Dimension
      • Length 350mm
      • Width 350mm
      • Height 460mm

      Please note: Given the size and structure of this piece, a wide entry may be required. Please ensure to check dimensions against your entry ways before proceeding. This piece is heavy and fragile so adequate manoeuvring space and professional handling is required.


      Orilla Side Table
      Orilla Side Table Sale price4,900.00 NIS