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Pedro Outdoor Round Dining Table

Sale price12,900.00 NIS

The Pedro Round Dining Table is a sleek and modern addition to any outdoor space. Made from durable stonecast, this table is built to withstand the elements while still maintaining a minimalistic and stylish look. Whether used for casual outdoor dining or as a stylish addition to a patio or garden, this table is the perfect choice for those looking for a durable and visually pleasing outdoor dining option.


A celebration of organic beauty and imperfection. Our pieces are produced in small batches embracing the handcrafted journey. Each piece embodies dips, variations, irregularities and imperfections, this is what we love most. We are intentionally celebrating the uniqueness of this beautiful traditional craft. Uniquely handcrafted using a natural stone tile inlay method of traditional furniture making. Please read the product details carefully prior to purchasing.



  • Diameter 130cm
  • Height 76cm
  • Weight Approx. 80kg
  • Base Diameter 70cm
  • Base Height 71cm

    What is Stonecast?

    Stonecast is created by repurposing the small chips and off cuts from our Fossil stone. In an effort to sustainably reduce any waste, these otherwise un-usable stone pieces have been powdered down and mixed with a resin to create a strong applicable solution. This is then spread to the form to create a rendered layer, then placed out in the sun to dry and repeated.

    It can be a time consuming process due to the drying and application time. Several layers are applied before sanding and buffering to create a smooth and polished surface. 

    Stonecast should be cared and handled the same way as our Fossilstone collection.

    The finished surface is smooth and polished containing imperfect textured variation of flecks and occasional 'clouding' where small patches may appear with a clouded colouration. This is not considered a fault and should be expected as part of the crafting process.


    Product Variation


    • Please ensure to un-screw the top from the base when moving. Do NOT move the top + base together as the screws are not designed to hold the weight of the base.
    • Comes in three separate pieces (table top and two bases) with hardware to fix in place. Requires assembly.
    • Handcrafted using a unique craft traditional to the Philippine Islands.
    • Hand quarried fossilised limestone which is powdered to create a resin mix for outdoor use.
    • Aligned on a fiberglass and hollow timber carcass which provides a stable form to create the sculptural design.
    • Care will still need to be taken to ensure you get longevity from your piece. Please read the Care & Warranty section below carefully prior to purchase.

    Please note:

    • Given the size and structure of this piece, a wide entry may be required.
    • Please ensure to check dimensions against your entry ways before proceeding.
    • This piece is heavy and fragile so adequate manoeuvring space and professional handling is required. 
    Pedro Outdoor Round Dining Table
    Pedro Outdoor Round Dining Table Sale price12,900.00 NIS